May 6, 2012

ALERT: Is a Failure to Register charge a sex offense?

5-5-2012 Colorado:

Life never ceases to amaze me. Something I had heard about some time ago, I now have proof that this is true!

Only in Colorado, to my knowledge today, is a charge of "Failure to Register" considered a sex offense. Right a sex offense, don't believe me, click on the following pic and read the yellow portion.

This is page-11 of Laws Governing Sex Offenders in Colorado (11-2008), a file that describes all sex offenses and offender rules in Colorado.

Think of the ramifications of this, its mind boggling. There has to be someone with a sick sense of humor that pushed this through the legislature. I'm just blown away by this, are you?

If this is also true in other states, I'd love to know which ones. This will mess up recidivism figures BIG TIME!

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