February 12, 2012

Sex offender treatment budget slashed

2-12-2012 Oregon:

The budget for sex offender treatment in Klamath County has been cut by about 25 percent. It's part of ongoing cuts to the state-funded Klamath County Community Corrections Department.

Much of that money would have funded sex offender treatment programs for offenders who can't pay for it themselves, said Community Corrections Director Kiki Parker-Rose.

There are 111 sex offenders under community corrections' supervision in Klamath County. After the cut, the department can only pay for the treatment program for about 30.

The cut will reduce sex offender treatment funding from about $95,000 to $71,000. Revenue to the department for things like work release program fees wasn't meeting expectations so the department had to find something to cut to stay on budget for the current year, Parker-Rose said. ..Source.. by Herald and News

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