February 7, 2012

Lake County toughens restrictions on sex offenders

I guess Lake County has not heard of the constitutional "Right of Association," as to offenders living close to each other, possibly in the same apartment building. However, Florida has been out of control for years now, so this is another nonsensical unconstitutional restriction.
2-7-2012 Florida:

AVARES, Fla. — Sex offenders who live in Lake County now have to follow some of the strictest rules in Central Florida.

On Tuesday, Lake County commissioners passed a new set of rules detailing where sex offenders can live. The push comes after the commission denied a proposed sex offender village.

The new ordinance contains six pages of restrictions. One of them not only forbids offenders from entering a public park, but they also have to stay back at least 300 feet from the entrance.

Some believe every Lake County park is safer today than it was yesterday.

"It does give us a level of protection we didn't have before," said Leslie Campione, parent.

At the meeting of the county commission, members approved a tough new ordinance that restricts registered sex offenders. Those on the state registry can no longer come within 300 feet of any park, playground, school, or daycare. And they are not allowed to live within 2,500 feet of those places.

"I think what Lake County is trying to do is based on fear," said Gail Colletta of the Florida Action Committee.

Colletta leads a group trying to protect the rights of registered offenders.

Colletta said Lake County's residence restrictions, which also stipulate that offenders cannot live within 500 feet of one another, may be unconstitutional and will only make matters worse.

"But if we keep pushing people to live in the woods, what do we expect?" asked Colletta.

County leaders drafted an ordinance after stopping a proposed sex offender village in the community of Sorrento. But commissioners say the new rules can only go so far.

"So, don't get a false sense of security because we adopted this ordinance, (and) that we don't need to still be diligent as parents," said Campione.

The new rules apply only to unincorporated Lake County. The commission is now hoping to get all the cities onboard to have the same stricter ordinance countywide. ..Source.. by WFTV.com

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