February 14, 2012

Kim Komando: Be wary of e-mail about security updates

2-14-2012 Global:
QUESTION: I have Norton Internet Security on my computer and heard that it was hacked. Now, I'm getting e-mail from Symantec saying that I need to update my security, and the e-mail provides a link. I know you say never click a link in an e-mail, but what do I do about my security?

ANSWER: You're wise to question that e-mail. Hackers did indeed break into the network of security developer Symantec and steal the source code for multiple security programs, including Norton. While that happened back in 2006, the hackers just released new information related to that incident last week, so there is renewed concern.

Now other hackers are taking advantage of the situation and sending fake e-mail with malicious attachments and links. Symantec programs update themselves. The company will never send you update links or attachments via e-mail. Symantec will also never ask for personal information.

That e-mail is a fake. If you use Symantec products, you'll need to watch them carefully for available updates. ..Source.. by Kim Komando

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