February 15, 2012

ALERT: Michigan and their PROPOSED Animal Abuse Registry

2-15-2012 Michigan:

Legislators in Michigan have PROPOSED the start of a "Animal Abuse Registry."

OK, what makes this proposed registry absolutely insane is, virtually every restriction that exists for Michigan's sex offender registry, is built in to the PROPOSED Animal Abuse Registry. Registration of every animal abuse conviction (no matter where it occurred), the person's address, school if attending, and employer, periodic verification of addresses (residence, school, employment) (Misdemeanor convictions = annual, felony convictions = every 90days), payment of fees, the whole ball of wax exists in the PROPOSED animal abuse registry.

However, the TERM of registration is 5 years, and the registry is NOT retroactive, but applies to ANY animal abuse conviction, no matter where it occurred (maybe in another state), after the date of enactment of this law. And the registry is public. All that is found in HB-5403.

A second bill is also introduced which requires any animal shelter or animal protection shelter, to check the animal abuse registry, to see if the person wanting to adopt a dog, cat or ferret, is on the animal abuse registry, if so, they cannot adopt the animal. All that is found in HB-5402.

Lawmakers need to stop wasting taxpayer money with ridiculous laws such as these.

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