January 13, 2012

Nebraska’s Unwanted “Smooch” Bill Not Happening Now

1-13-2012 Nebraska:

A Nebraska state senator plans to withdraw his proposal to make unwanted mouth-kissing a sex crime.

Lincoln Sen. Bill Avery was scheduled to pull his bill Tuesday after questions arose about how authorities would enforce it.

The measure (LB797) would have counted mouth-kissing without consent as sexual contact for purposes of filing a sexual assault charge.

Avery said earlier this week that the bill sought to address a serious matter. He proposed it after a man approached one of his constituents while she was mowing a lawn, offered her water, and then kissed her on the lips without permission.

The female’s family members later learned that the man was a sex predator, but authorities could only charge him with disturbing the peace. ..Source.. by Salina Post

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