January 11, 2012

Iowa governor introduces LTC sex offender rule

I wonder, will specifically notifying anyone -under the requested bill- be a violation of HIPAA? HIPAA requires privacy of medical information.

A READER POINTS OUT: Sometimes elderly Parkinson's patients become hypersexual because of the commonly used drug Mirapex [an increased interest in sex] that their doctors prescribe in increasingly stronger amounts. Compulsive gambling and sexual abuse have resulted. So who owns the problem? Are the doctors off the hook for their ignorance? Are nursing homes (administration) uneducated regarding dopamine agonist meds [Pathological addiction (gambling, shopping, internet pornography, hyper-sexuality)]and their contribution to sexual addiction? What about the drugs companies complete awareness of this and ongoing silence? Should these elderly people be treated as dirty old men and sex offenders?

1-11-2012 Iowa:

Iowa governor Terry Branstad (R) will ask the state legislature to require notification when sex offenders move into long-term care facilities, he said Monday.

Branstad said there are around 55 sex offenders living in various types of care facilities in the state. The bill, if passed, would require that residents, staff and members of the community be notified when a sex offender is committed to a care facility. It would be enforced by the Department of Inspections and Appeals.

Sex offenders in nursing homes has long been a contentious issue, with requests for Congress to improve tracking and some states requiring resident background checks. A 2005 Government Accountability Office report estimated there were close to 700 sex offenders living in long-term care facilities nationwide. ..Source..

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