January 5, 2012

Edgar Coker Of Mineral, Va., Listed As Sex Offender, But Accuser Admits Fabricating Story

1-5-2012 Virginia:

MINERAL, Va. (WUSA) -- Edgar Coker, 20, is an aspiring rap musician who writes his own songs, one of which is entitled "The Truth Shall Set You Free," an autobiographical composition that chronicles a nightmarish series of events that began nearly five years ago, and continues to this day.

In May 2007, when Edgar was 15, he was accused of raping a 14- year-old girl. He and his mother say that based on the advice of their lawyer at the time, Edgar pleaded guilty to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. He was sent to a juvenile detention facility.

About a year and a half later, after his accuser admitted that she had made up the whole story and that Edgar had not raped her, he was released from custody.

But that's not where the story ends. In fact, that's just the beginning, because despite the fact that Edgar Coker's name was cleared in court, that same name, for technical legal reasons, is still listed in the Virginia sex offender registry. This makes it extremely difficult for Edgar to get on with his life.

For example, he says he was recently arrested for being around minors at a high school football because of his legal status as a sex offender.

With the help of lawyers at the Innocence Project at the University of Virginia, Edgar and his mother have gone down several legal avenues trying to get his name off the registry. So far, nothing has worked, but Edgar says he's certain he won't be on the list forever, and that the truth will ultimately set him free entirely.
"It's easy to get in trouble, hard to get out, basically," Edgar says. His next legal appeal, and next attempt to get his name off the registry, will be argued at Virginia Supreme Court on January 13th. ..Source.. by Matt Jablow

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