January 28, 2012

ALERT: California RSOL on AB 625 - Amendment - A 4th Tier for State Registry

1-28-2012 California:

Dear Registrants, Family Members and Friends:

Today (Friday) the Assembly voted, 32 to 16, in support of an amendment to AB 625 that will create a fourth tier for the state's registry.

That tier would require registrants who do not fit into the original three tiers to register "only when that person changes his or her address".

Information regarding those in the fourth tier is to be maintained as a private registry for law enforcement officials only.

This amendment is expected to attract support from additional Assembly members in order to reach the necessary 41 votes for passage. AB 625 will be voted upon on Monday, January 30, in a session scheduled to begin at noon.

There is still time to contact your Assembly member to voice your support for this bill. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

Blessings to you all, Janice CA-RSOL

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