December 16, 2011

Unity Hospital to close sex offender treatment program

This story is proof there are many who know nothing about simple logic. 2,000 registrants and only 90 in the program. Mary alleges without program they will offend; must be a large number of offenses going on now if she is correct. Could she be wrong?
12-16-2011 New York:

Unity Hospital announced on Tuesday that its sexual behaviors program will be closing in April.

The program treats most of the convicted sex offenders in Monroe County. Right now, there's no plan to replace the services it provides.

Professionals we spoke with say this treatment program is the lynch pin that holds together a very effective local rehab program for sex offenders.

Unity is closing the program because the hospital has not been able to find a forensic psychiatrist to run it. The program's aim is to rehabilitate sex offenders. While there are other local programs, Unity's is the only public mental health facility.

Most sex offenders convicted in Monroe County are referred to the sexual behaviors program.

"Together with intensive supervision, a lot of monitoring surveillance by a probation officer, checking on individuals. The use of electronic monitoring, so we can check offenders behavior, all of that generally works really well to keep offenders from re-offending while they're on probation, while they're in treatment," says Monroe County's Chief Probation officer, Bob Burns.

Mary Whittier, executive director of the Bivona Child Advocacy Center says she's quite concerned about the news. She says there are 2,000 registered sex offenders in Monroe County, and without an effective program like this, those offenders "can and will reoffend."

The program is scheduled to close on April 30th.

Right now, Unity will continue to treat the 90 people in the program., however it is not accepting any new patients. New patients will be referred to other providers. ..Source,, by

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