December 1, 2011

Man choses county prison over possible shorter state term

12-1-2011 Pennsylvania:

Judge tells Snare required therapy can only be had in state facility

HOLLIDAYSBURG - Given his choice, a Williamsburg man decided Tuesday he would rather serve time for child sex-abuse in the Blair County Prison as opposed to state prison.

That could mean a longer term behind bars, Blair County Judge Hiram A. Carpenter explained to Corey Allen Snare, 42, of 2347 Lower Clover Creek Road.

Snare was sentenced to 18 to 36 months in the county jail for sexually abusing two girls, ages 13 and 14, in separate incidents last year. He was also placed on five years' probation after his jail term.

Snare will be required to undergo sexual therapy, Carpenter said.

The Blair County Prison does not offer sexual abuse programs, the judge said, and he went on to explained that the Pennsylvania Board of Parole and Probation may not authorize Snare's release on parole from the county jail at his 18-month minimum unless he receives treatment.

That means that Snare could end up serving his maximum time in jail - three years - before being released and having to find resources in the community that can provide the required treatment.

The alternative would be to go to state prison where treatment is offered, the judge proposed.

Snare had a clean criminal record up until the abuse charges arose last year, Carpenter said. Snare is a veteran of the Army who spent a year in Kosovo, and he has a good work record.

With his prior spotless background, Snare had the right to provide input into the location where he would serve his sentence, Carpenter said.

Snare said he was willing to do whatever it takes, which would mean undergoing treatment when he is released from jail.

The state Sexual Offender Assessment Board reviewed Snare's case and found he was not a violent sexual predator. Snare still will have to register his address with state police, a requirement under Megan's Law, Blair County Assistant District Attorney Russell Montgomery said.

Both incidents occurred when the girls visited the Snare home, authorities said.

Snare began to text the 14-year-old girl during the summer of 2010. He also began to touch the girl, police said. He stopped when she said she was going to tell her father. He then asked her to send him a picture of her in her bathing suit when she went to the beach.

Snare was charged with abusing the second girl while she was staying at his house in November 2010, police said. When she told him to stop, he did.

Snare has 30 days to change his mind and accept a state prison sentence. After that, Carpenter said the decision is out of his control. ..Source.. by Phil Ray

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