December 31, 2011

‘Andrea’s Law’

12-31-2011 Illinois:

One of the new measures is “Andrea’s Law,” named after Andrea Will of Batavia, who was killed by her former boyfriend at Eastern Illinois University.

Andrea’s Law requires that people convicted of first-degree murder must be added to a new first-degree murder database, similar to the sex offender registry, when they are released from prison or any other facility. The public database would include names, addresses, employment places, schools attended and photos for offenders for up to 10 years after their release from prison.

Andrea Will was a freshman at Eastern Illinois University in 1998 when she was murdered by her former boyfriend, Justin Boulay of St. Charles.

Andrea’s mother, Patty Rosenberg, began her campaign for Andrea’s Law after learning Boulay was being released from prison in November 2010, after serving only half of a 24-year sentence for first-degree murder. The law quickly made its way through the legislature and was signed by Gov. Pat Quinn last summer.

Patty Rosenberg also hopes to work with other states which might consider a similar registry, including Hawaii, where Boulay is now living with the woman he married while in prison. ..Source.. by Sun Times

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