November 10, 2011

Sex offender invasion? Bandera County on alert for boom in sex predators

Dear Lord, help the world, police are now making up stories to justify their existence! But, this has been the best yet. Hehehehehehe Bandera County Population
11-10-2011 Texas:

Bandera County deputies said there could be a network of sex offenders that are recommending the best places to hide and possibly reoffend. Unfortunately, deputies said Bandera seems to be on the map, and that has parents on edge.

Law enforcement has been scrambling to keep tabs on some 57 sex offenders. They said two to three percent of the population is made up of child predators, and they don't think that is a coincidence.

Manda Hicks, administrative deputy for the Bandera County Sheriff's Office, said there could be a sophisticated network of sex offenders that are spreading the word to move to Bandera County.

"They might be communicating with each other," Hicks said. "So we are trying to find out if there's a sex offender network."

Bandera deputies said they always need the public's help to send a message to sex offenders that they can't hide. To report anything suspicious they urge residents to call (830) 797-3771. ..Source.. by Karen Grace / KENS 5

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