November 30, 2011

Request For Sex Offender Care Reimbursement Denied

11-30-2011 Nebraska:

Brother Asks For Money To House Ross Shepherd

ORK, Neb. -- The York County Board of Commissioners has denied a request from a convicted sex offender's brother to reimburse him for costs incurred while accommodating his brother under house arrest.

The board on Tuesday denied Scott Shepherd's $25,000 claim for housing Ross Shepherd for 10 months last year.

Ross Shepherd has since been convicted of child sexual assault and is now serving a five-year prison sentence.

Scott Shepherd said the sheriff's department brought Ross Shepherd to his home because of his brother's serious medical condition. But Sheriff Dale Radcliff has said it was Scott Shepherd who made repeated requests for bond reductions and house arrest so he could personally care for his brother while awaiting trial. ..Source.. by

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