November 18, 2011

Ohio AG Targets Sex Offenders in New Initiative

11-18-2011 Ohio:

COLUMBUS-- As he rolled out a new plan to protect Ohio kids from sex offenders, Attorney General Mike DeWine described predators as "clowns," "scum" and even "jackasses."

"They're literally out there like sharks and they're going to hit just as fast as they can. We're going to hit back," DeWine said.

The "Crimes Against Children Initiative" includes a new unit at the Bureau of Investigation. The plan is to hire 15 experts who will investigate child pornography cases online.

The program also expands the number of special prosecutors in the Attorney General's office, creates a rapid response team, provides specialized training for local law enforcement, and aims to raise public awareness about convicted sex offenders who have not complied with registration laws.

DeWine said plans for the program had been in the works weeks before a high profile sex abuse scandal broke out at Penn State University, but the case is a reminder.

"My fear is that people will look at the tragedy of Penn State and say, 'Well that was over there' and not realize it happens every single day," DeWine said. ..Source.. by

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