November 22, 2011

Man pleads not guilty after failing to comply with sex offender registry

Unfortunately, unless this guy has a GREAT attorney, he will be convicted of failure to register. That letter from the other state is only good in that state, and not in any other. see USA v Shenandoah (see note in yellow). However, this case can be won if the attorney argues: State Forms fail to advise registrant of what to do under this circumstance, and the letter also failed to advise him.
11-22-2011 Vermont:

BENNINGTON -- A man with ties to multiple states who police say was living in Vermont for a period of time without registering as a sex offender had another $1,000 bail placed on him Monday for allegedly still failing to register.

____, 57, was arraigned in late October where he pleaded not guilty in Bennington Superior Court Criminal Division to a charge of failing to register as a sex offender within a certain amount of time after changing his address. On Nov. 8 he posted bail and was released.

On Monday, ____ pleaded not guilty to a felony count of failing to comply with the registry.

According to an affidavit by Trooper Scott Dunlap, of the Vermont State Police, on Nov. 17 he was asked by the Bennington County State’s Attorney’s Office to check and see if ____ had registered. Dunlap said he contacted Bonnie Goodie, the Vermont Sex Offender Registry coordinator, and found ____ had not contacted her.

Dunlap said ____ has been in Vermont since Oct. 14. He was required to register as a resident within 10 days, according to Dunlap.

Dunlap said he met with ____ at a hotel in Shaftsbury where ____ told him he thought he was instructed by a judge to wait on registering until his situation was sorted out. When he was first arrested he showed police paperwork from a Wyoming court saying he no longer needed to register.

He has lived in Wyoming and Montana previously. ..Source.. by KEITH WHITCOMB JR., Staff Writer

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