November 12, 2011

Man denies failing to comply with sex offender registry

There is a glaring problem here, law set when folks have to come in to register, not local police or registry personnel. Accordingly, any comment from police or registry personnel does not have to be followed, the law has to be followed, and here that is not shown. Finally, why do homeless folks have to follow different check-in schedules than other registrants? It simply makes no sense and is likely unconstitutional! ACLU where are you...
11-12-2011 Vermont:

BENNINGTON -- A Bennington-area man pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge of failing to comply with the Vermont sex offender registry.

Alfred Hampton, 30, was released on conditions he obey a check-in schedule at the Bennington Police Station.

According to police, he was convicted of sexual assault in 2003, which requires him to register as a sex offender and follow certain conditions, including keeping the registry aware of his address.

According to Bennington Police Detective Anthony Silvestro, on Sept. 22 Hampton reported to him he was homeless for the time being. Silvestro said his last registered address was Pleasant Valley Road in Bennington, and according to Hampton, he’d called Bonnie Goode, at the offender registry, and informed her he was going to move.

Silvestro said he told Hampton he had to check in daily at the Bennington Police Station until he had a permanent address.

According to Silvestro, Hampton failed to check in on two occasions and never gave his new address to Goode. He said he learned Hampton had left Pleasant Valley Road on Sept. 1 and didn’t follow up with Goode as he was told.

Hampton said he tried to reach Goode earlier, but didn’t succeed and left a message with someone at the number he called. He said he also thought Silvestro would notify the registry of his newer Silver Street address after a conversation they’d had. He said he didn’t remember being told by Goode he needed to check in with police on a daily basis. ..Source.. by Keith Whitcomb Jr.

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