October 19, 2011

Yardley repeals sex offender ordinance

10-19-2011 Pennsylvania:

Yardley council repealed its local sex offender ordinance that was too restrictive as to where offenders are allowed to live in the borough.

The small town removed the ordinance from the books months after Pennsylvania Supreme Court nullified an Allegheny County law that restricted where registered sex offenders can live.

On Tuesday, Yardley joined several communities around the state taking similar measures after the court found that Allegheny County’s prohibition on where registered sex offenders can live would isolate many in what would amount to “localized penal colonies.” In Bucks County, Doylestown and Newtown Township have taken similar measures. Newtown council has discussed the issue in recent months, but hasn’t taken action to repeal its local ordinance.

The borough’s ordinance prohibited sex offenders living in the borough from residing within 1,700 feet of schools, childcare facilities, public parks, community and recreational facilities. They also weren’t allowed to live near common open areas, which are properties, land or water, restricted from future development for conservation or recreation. ..Source.. by GEMA MARIA DUARTE Staff writer

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