October 14, 2011

Trick or treators protected from sex offenders

10-14-2011 Michigan:

Convicted sex offenders in Michigan will not be given easy access to children on Halloween under legislation unveiled today by state Rep. Paul Scott.

Under the legislation, convicted sex offenders on parole will be prohibited from handing out candy to children on Halloween, or the day on which Halloween is being recognized in any community.

"Although Halloween is a joyous time for many young children, it is also a time when sex offenders don't have to troll play areas or neighborhood hangouts to gain access to young people," said Scott, R-Grand Blanc. "Unsuspecting children will inevitably knock on the doors of sex offenders this Saturday, creating a potentially dangerous situation."

The bill prohibits convicted sex offenders on parole from handing out candy on Halloween or giving the appearance that they are participating in handing out candy, such as leaving their porch light on.

If caught handing out candy, their parole will be revoked and they will be sent back to prison.

"Convicted sex offenders should never be allowed to take part in the Halloween tradition," Scott said. "Michigan must take a 'lights out' approach when it comes to the homes of sex offenders to help young people stay safe during Halloween." ..Source.. by Rep. Paul Scott:

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