September 6, 2011

Introducing: California Reform Sex Offender Laws

9-6-2011 California:


The California Reform Sex Offender Laws organization is dedicated to restoring civil rights for those accused and/or convicted of sex crimes. In order to achieve that objective, CA RSOL will initiate and support legal action, legislation and public outreach.


California RSOL is an organization devoted to educating registered persons within the state of California, their family members, friends and supporters, as well as the general public regarding actions that affect the basic civil rights of registered persons in California. The state of California has more than 45,000 individuals listed on the registry of the California Attorney General -- -- the greatest number of individuals of any state.

The civil rights of many registered persons have been significantly harmed by existing laws, regulations, and policies within the state of California. Examples range from the “inconvenience” of wearing a GPS monitoring device for many years to death at the hands of a vigilante.

This website will report on actions taken within the state of California that affect the basic civil rights of registered persons, including but not limited to, legal and legislative actions. The website will also include first person stories of registered persons who have been harmed and/or report what is taking place in or near to where they live.

California RSOL is dedicated to providing accurate information to the public and to lawmakers about the relative risk levels and recidivism rates of registered persons. Together with allied organizations, including the National Reform Sex Offender Laws organization, California RSOL will work with law enforcement, the criminal justice system, researchers, mental health professional, victims and victim advocates to ensure that local, state and federal legislators and policymakers take actions that truly enhance community safety.


California Reform Sex Offender Laws
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