September 22, 2011

Glendale police launch new program to monitor sex offenders

Reality, registries DO NOT monitor the "whereabouts" of registrants, time to face the truth! At best you might know where registrants SLEEP during the day/night, but you do not know where they are at any other point in time. That is the ruse Politicians are playing on the public making the public think registries make them safer. OffenderWatch uses that ruse to suck money from the public through local police agencies. Everyone falls for the Politician's ruse.
9-22-2011 Arizona:

The Glendale Police Department has launched a new Web-based program that allows residents to monitor the whereabouts of registered sex offenders.

Police hope the free program, OffenderWatch, will help reduce the amount of time it takes to notify residents when a sex offender moves into the city.

The program is updated throughout the day as sex offender addresses and other offender information is posted.

Along with notifications sent to the community, residents have easy access to offender's information.

Residents can search addresses to see how many sex offenders live within a 2-mile radius and sign up for e-mail alerts when an offender moves in nearby. Residents can register as many addresses in the county as they wish.

The personal information of those who choose to use OffenderWatch is confidential.

OffenderWatch is utilized by hundreds of agencies and aims to make it easier for police to maintain accurate information on sex offenders, who tend to move often. ..Source.. by Raquel Velasco

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SOIssues said...

And like most police departments who use Offender Watch, they continue to use the bogus "50% of sex offenders re-offend" statistics.

You can see this on their presentation, here:

And we have more info about Offender Watch, on our blog, here:

I have not seen any state change this lie, which they can, except Washington state. You can see all of those in this state who use Offender Watch, here:

So if Washington can change it, so can everybody else.