September 12, 2011

Daughter arrested in mother's 2009 murder

9-12-2011 Texas:

HOUSTON—Police say they have solved a 2009 murder after arresting the victim’s 19-year-old daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend.

"This is really one of the saddest cases I have ever worked," said Sgt. Ora Chandler with the HPD Homicide Division.

The body of 39-year-old Undra Williams was found on a vacant lot in the 5300 block of Briscoe in southeast Houston in June of 2009. Months later the Harris County Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide when they determined Williams had been stabbed to death.

Investigators now believe they can prove that Ejjetta Williams, the victim’s youngest daughter who was 17 at the time, masterminded her mom’s killing because she and her mom fought over whom Ejjetta was dating.

That boyfriend at the time was 29-year-old James Bishop, a convicted sex offender
. Houston Police arrested Bishop in February on a charge of sexual assault of a child. Ejjetta Williams was just 16 when they began dating.

Investigators believe Williams and Bishop carried out the act together to get rid of the woman who stood in the way of their relationship.

"I kind of figured she had something to do with it anyway," said Eligah Williams, Undra’s father and Ejjetta’s grandfather, "because of the way she was hiding and covering up stuff."

Her grandparents said Ejjetta even wrote in diaries about wanting to violently end her mom’s life. But they thought it was just talk. They never thought she would go through with it.

"For Ejjetta’s sake, I hope it’s not true," said Ejjetta’s stepmother, Gayle Williams. "Because she would hurt my heart...again."

"No one wants to believe that somebody really wants to murder their mom," said Sgt. Chandler. "I mean it’s the most far-fetched thing. It’s just like something that’s taboo. But unfortunately this is what’s happened in this situation."

Both Ejjetta Williams and James Bishop are being held in the Harris County Jail. ..Source.. by

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