September 19, 2011

Chicago man accused of threatening to kill Lisa Madigan

There is no doubt this is a IMPROPER response (likely a careless remark being misinterpreted) to being placed on the registry. However, if true, it may be showing the frustrations that result from a registry so harmful that it prevents folks from living any sort of a normal life, which politicians ignore, or really do not give a hoot. i.e., further punishment that they can get away with.
9-19-2011 Illinois:

A Chicago man has been charged with threatening to kill Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan in a lawsuit over the state's sex offender registry.

____, 58, is being held on $25,000 bail. He is charged with one count of threatening a public official.

Natalie Bauer, a spokeswoman for Madigan's office, says ____ allegedly made the threat in a suit he filed over the state's sex offender registry law. His lawsuit challenges the law's constitutionality.

Pennington was convicted of rape in Illinois in 1982. And 10 years ago, he was convicted of sexually abusing a minor in Texas.

When he moved back to Illinois, he was placed on the registry of sex offenders. He objected and sued. ..Source.. by

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