August 19, 2011

Sex offenders required to give palm and finger prints

Many registrants have received letters telling them they have to be fingerprinted again, registrants have not been told why! The Adam Walsh Act requires all fingerprints and palm prints to be digital, hence all are being done over again. Ink only agencies do not have the equipment to do digital prints, so registrants have been redirected to other agencies where the proper equipment is available. Never expect to get good answers from local police, this article shows that.
8-19-2011 Michigan:

A recent amendment to Public Act 295 is requiring all sex offenders to provide palm and finger prints to the Michigan State Police.

Those on the sex offender registry must submit their prints no later than September 12.

The prints will go into a database that will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Police say having finger and palm prints on file is very important to the investigative process.

"Most convicted felons have already had their prints taken, this is just an insurance so that people from other states and maybe people who slipped through the cracks who didn't have their palm prints done are done at this time," said Detective Sgt. Todd Johnston of the Michigan State Police.

The Marquette County Sheriff's Department will hold two days for finger and palm printing, August 27 and September 3.

The Michigan State Police Post in Negaunee will take prints any day during business hours. ..Source.. by Ryan Kilgren

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