August 23, 2011

FBI creates team to investigate Georgia judges and legislators for corruption

8-23-2011 Georgia:

The FBI’s Atlanta Division has created a special team of agents charged with investigating elected officials throughout Georgia. The top FBI Agent in Georgia, Brian Lamkin, told reporters that the move comes after months of reviewing the Bureau’s goals and priorities.

Prior to the creation of this new team, Lamkin had set up a taskforce whose sole purpose was to target law enforcement officers. The taskforce led to the arrest and conviction of numerous law enforcement officers across the state. Lamkin now hopes that the new anti-corruption team will have the same results when it comes to judges, legislators and other types of public corruption. Lamkin promises that he will approve each new investigation and that agents will be utilizing advanced techniques during their undercover operations.

The move has been applauded by numerous Georgia officials, since many state entities simply do not have the resources to tackle corruption. In recent years, the Judicial Qualifications Commission, which investigates judges for misconduct, has been underfunded and nearly went broke in December. In addition, the Georgia Ethics Commission, which handles financial misconduct, has also had to deal with significant budget problems. ..Source.. by Pate & Brody


Anonymous said...

Its about time that clean up has come and now take out the trash and make room for someone that can do the job correct.

Robin said...

The GBI doesn't seem to have any lack of resources when it comes to tracking down and persecuting RSO's. The whole registry is a symbol of nothing but corruption. So if money is short, why not start there?

Anonymous said...

Why do these organizations always publicize this information and expect to catch the corrupted officials by surprise? And where do they publicize it? On a lawyers blog.