August 16, 2011

AG Cooper: NC sex offender registry not in compliance with federal law

8-16-2011 North Carolina:

North Carolina failed to meet federal guidelines on its sex offender registry and now the state could lose federal grant money.

The federal government set a July 27, 2011 deadline for the states to impose changes to sex offender registries. Attorney General Roy Cooper says he sent lawmakers notice in 2009 but the deadline passed and legislators didn't bring the registry into compliance.

“If North Carolina doesn't follow this law and other states around us do, then potentially some sex offenders who would have to register in another state might come to North Carolina because they don't have to register,” said Cooper.

Named for Adam Walsh, the son of John Walsh, the federal government legislation sets out to protect children from sexual predators. Since registries are maintained by each state, the federal government saw too much variance, which caused problems.

“We still see that now, when different laws in different states and whether people are supposed to register here when they didn't have to register there. This kind of addresses that and makes it a lot neater,” said Mecklenburg County Sheriff Chipp Bailey.

The federal goverment wants some consistency, but only 14 states, including South Carolina, met the July deadline. The state's that didn't comply could lose federal money.

“If you don't comply, you stand to lose 10 percent, so in North Carolina, that's $800,000,” Bailey said.

Beyond the financial loss, both Bailey and Cooper say keeping North Carolina's registry on the same page as other states will keep communities safer and more informed.

Cooper said North Carolina could recoup any lost funds after the sex offender registry is in compliance. ..Source.. by Jennifer Moxley


Anonymous said...

If you don't comply......Those 4 words sound very familiar. All I have to say is that 36 States have chosen NOT TO COMPLY. Have you ever
thought as to why they haven't?
Maybe they believe in States Rights. You were elected by the people of your State to protect thier intrests FIRST. Every State, territory, and tribe maintains a registry already. Full compliance forced upon every State will set an irreversable president. Think about it!

Anonymous said...

As a wife of a "sex offender", I say, good for not caving into pressure!

We tell our kids not to give into peer pressure, yet the politians, and every other legislature does!

This sex offender stuff has to be revamped!! Who and which state is going to "stand up"and say, "enough is enough"of this ? It won't be my state, they've already "caved". Money, money,money and greed!

I am very much opposed to the registry! It really does not protect the people, it just puts information in the publics hands, that should be left to the law enforcement.

I wife who is against the registry!