July 9, 2011

UPDATE: Officer resigns after asked to register as sex offender

7-9-2011 Texas:

CHINA GROVE, Texas - A police officer has resigned after he was asked to register as a sex offender.

China Grove Mayor Dennis Dunk told News 4 WOAI during a phone interview Friday that Police Officer Daniel Casas, 48, resigned from the force on July 5th. This after the Bexar County Sheriff's office arrested him for failing to register as a sex offender.

According to Mayor Dunk, Casas stated, “It's not an admission of guilt but is in the best interest of the city of China Grove to resign after learning of the warrant issued by the Bexar County Sheriff’s officer for failing to register as a sex offender.”

Earlier in the day Friday, the Bexar County Sheriff's Office informed News 4 WOAI that they had to get a second warrant for Casas' re-arrest. That second warrant was issued because the Bexar County Sheriff's Sex Offender Registration Office says Daniel Casas refused to come in and register as a sex offender.

“The second warrant was generated and issued because of the fact Mr. Casas has failed to report within the seven days required by the state of Texas,” explained Mario Enriquez from the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.

The mayor claims they have no record of Casas having any criminal history.

"Daniel Casas was hired by the city of China Grove, and we did a background investigation, which is standard procedure, and it showed no criminal history,” Mayor Dunk stated.

Enriquez says Casas must register even though he took a plea deal for the charge of indecency with a child by contact in 1991.

“Because he was given deferred adjudication for ten years does not release him from his state mandated requirements as a sex offender,” explained Enriquez. “In 2005 the law made a change to where if anybody was convicted after 1970 needs to register.”

Mayor Dunk said that during Casas' tenure as a China Grove police officer, “There were no reported incidents."

Dunk then added, "This whole thing is very puzzling.” ..Source.. by Jozannah Quintanilla


Anonymous said...

PUZZLING?....did he say PUZZLING?
C'mon GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! This guy was being covered up by his local force and he (THEY) got caught. This dude got BUSTED the same way he BUSTED so many others who BROKE THE LAW!!! Reality check I would say.

Anonymous said...

One of their own got caught up in the RSO net. His crime/plea was in 1991...20 years ago. He was a law-abiding citizen and a cop since then. When are they going to wise up and realize that the Registry affects so many that have moved on, people who are not their past crime today?

Robin said...

So they tighten up the laws so strict that they cannot keep anyone in these jobs, and they learn that nobody is perfect. The day cannot come soon enough for me.

Daniel Goichman said...

That is why the registry has to come down. He was a police officer and he knew that being on the registry would prevent him from doing his job. It's time everybody smarten up and get rid of all this garbage. Enough is enough already. Take it down. It doesn't prevent crime so it serves no viable purpose except to punish those on it who already paid their debts back to society.