July 30, 2011

RI authorities check up on sex offenders, arrest 8

A note, while the article does not say this, it is very unlikely that any home of a registered person -NOT under State Supervision- was searched, that would violate the 4th Amendment, at least without a warrant.
7-30-2011 Rhode Island:

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—A law enforcement task force led by U.S. marshals arrested eight registered sex offenders in Rhode Island after making unannounced visits to their homes.

The task force checked up on 200 registered sex offenders across the state this month to verify that they were living at the addresses listed in the sex offender registry.

Five of the men arrested were charged with possession of marijuana or cocaine. One was arrested on an outstanding warrant, one for failing to update his registration, and one for possession of child pornography.

The arrests were announced by the Marshals Service on Friday. The task force includes state, local and federal law enforcement officials. Since 2007 the task force has checked up on the whereabouts of 700 sex offenders in Rhode Island. ..Source.. by Boston.com


Anonymous said...

This could very well be the last of the marshalls and local and federal LEA doing this because of the economic times and the debt time limit counting down to zero.It would make me smile to watch these cops end up losing there jobs and working at McDonads

Anonymous said...

If you took any 200 ex-offenders
(convicted for any crime) and searched thier homes and persons without any forewarning,you would end up with similar results.To say that the infractions were directly related to these people being registered sex offenders is misleading and discriminatory.

ttheredbaron said...

Someone please answer me how the US Marshals have a right to enter these people's homes and search for cocaine and child porn when they do not have a suspicion or a warrant. Being on the SOR is not an automatic reasonable suspicion of a crime, not by what is written. Of course, the way these fools have expanded this whole thing, it is a surprise it is not an automatic conviction.

Anonymous said...

I think if you took 200 citizens (Non-offenders) and randomly searched their homes you would have similar results. Just because you have no criminal record doesn't mean you are committing a crime.