July 16, 2011

Readers ask about bridge, sex offender, fairgrounds

7-16-2011 Nebraska:

Q: Why was a convicted sex offender recognized as an academic honorary and college scholarship winner in the York News-Times? What about the victim’s life he destroyed? Why do the taxpayers have to pay his way to a better life?

A: First, listings and announcements of scholarship winners are made by the colleges, universities or foundations from which they originate — the News-Times does not automatically have such information until it is provided by the institution. The validity of such information is also verified this way.

Secondly, the copy editor does not run criminal and/or background checks on every single name that is submitted for scholarships, honor rolls, dean’s lists, awards, etc. Nor is that necessary, as the fact of this particular matter was that this person had been awarded a scholarship by an institution and it had nothing to do with his status as a sex offender.

It should also be noted that the copy editor does not recognize each and every name that comes across the news desk as that would be virtually impossible, and again, unnecessary.

Lastly, direct tax dollars were not utilized for providing such a scholarship. This was a scholarship provided through a private institution that is not funded by tax dollars. ..Source.. by News-Times Staff

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