July 2, 2011

New state sex offender laws in place

Again we see another state violating the rights of registrants in the name of AWA, the law which is but a end-run around constitutional protections, and crafted behind closed doors by a few persons in Congress and passed under suspension of the rules which is not allowed for such legislation. Michigan succumbs while over 40 other states hold back.
7-2-2011 Michigan:

GAYLORD, MI -- New reporting rules are in place for Michigan’s 35,000 sex offenders.

Police will gather more information and they explain why it’s important.

Starting July 1st, Michigan sex offenders will have to tell police more info, like what kind of car they drive, where they work, and even what their IP address is and what internet provider they use. It’s all part of the Adam Walsh Act.

"It’s something that needs to be done, and again, it's for the general public, it's the security aspect for the public, the public wants to know, so they have the right to know," explained Sgt. Jeff Gorno with the Gaylord Michigan State Police.

The new system will classify sex offenders by tiers.

Offenders with lesser sex offenses, like indecent exposure and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct crimes, will be classified by the first tier. These individuals won't be listed on the public registry, but must check in once a year with police for the next 15 years.

Second tier offenders who commit more serious crimes, like date rape, 2nd and 3rd degree CSC, or internet and child porn offenses, will be on the public registry, and must register with police twice a year for 25 years.

The third tier is reserved for the most serious crimes, like first degree CSC and molesting a child under 13. You’ll find them on the sex offender site and they have to register four times a year with police.

"Most families, if their child or their relative is a victim, they want them to register, they want them to be accountable, they want people to know what this person is capable of," said Libby Mikulski, Crime Victim Rights Advocate with the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Office.

Most of the collected information will be put on the state's Sex Offender Registry public database. Mikulski thinks having information about where they work, what kind of car they drive, and internet activity is important.

“We're looking at all of these things very seriously, and if you're not complying, you need to be arrested," said Mikulski.

If the sex offender doesn't register within the 15 days, a warrant will be set out for their arrest, and if they lie on the forms they fill out, that's a four year felony.

Police say Friday, because of the amount of sex offenders registering throughout the state, the data base system crashed several times and they had to tell some people to come back.

But they say by the end of the month, the Michigan Sex Offender Registry site should be updated with all the new information. ..Source.. by Andrew Keller


Anonymous said...

You see folks ....Most of this stuff is for the "VICTIMS" and thier families. They want accountability,they want vengence,
they want JUSTICE!!! Heck if they could get it passed they would make a law to "lynch everyone of those vile sex offenders"! This is the mentality of most in our nation when it comes to sex offenders. They are being fed and driven like brute animals.Any crime against a child is a tragedy
and violators should be punished.
I am no professional, but anyone,
child or adult, who expierenced trauma would be best served by moving forward with thier lives.You can't change the past. But PUBLIC registries do nothing but keep alive whatever the person had to go through. If our lawmakers REALLY CARED about victims they would abolish all PUBLIC registries. Now that would actually HELP victims. At the same time offenders wouldn't be "LET OFF THE HOOK" either. Law enforcement can just keep doing what they have been doing.They already have offenders info, DNA, etc. They can continue thier compliance checks and whatever else they feel is necessary to PROTECT the public. How about it
people? Can we try it out?

Anonymous said...

To many rights have been violated by the goverment.In the 50's you had the McCarthy eara on comunist and if anyone said your going to far they were labeled a comunist or a sempathiser.Now the goverment has found that hook they been looking for and its useing children.I can say that nothing last forever and this to will bite the geverment where they sit and it will be when there is no money left or all 700,000 plus regestrants will go under ground and run to other countries that wont even reconize the law.lets face it the USA is loosing its strength on the world and other countries are tired of the bullying going on.Time will tell if my hunch is correct

Anonymous said...

Would love to know what other countries will let in a SO. Canada won't, UK won't. Who will? Need to get the Rosetta Stone language CD.
Maybe France if DSK becomes president?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, as the "deadline" for AWA compliance approaches in mid July, you're going to see a mad dash of states scrambling to meet this deadline to qualify for that stupid Burnes fund. As it's been said countless times.. the cost of implementing this illegal mandate, far EXCEEDS what it would cost if the states just went with their current illegal laws concerning registrants.

The authorities JUST DON'T GET IT.

ANY registry is just security theater and a placebo. NOTHING MORE. It's too controversial and subverts normalcy.

People like John Walsh should just learn to accept loss and stop believing that they can make the world a safer place. Way to honor the memory of you dead son by having his name attached to hate and vigilante legislation that is both illegal and unconstitutional. Not to mention the biggest civil rights violation of any law passed in current history.

Daniel Goichman said...

let the state of michigan have this temporary victory. once the nebraska lawsuit goes through its entire completion , there wont be any public notification anymore.

Anonymous said...

I know California is in such fragile state now that the A.W.A would be the ultimate demise of the state.There is now way that law could work here and not there be long term damage.But you never know as i write this Govener Brown A.K.A Moonbeam is a Demacrat but acting like a Republican is possibly figuring a way to make it work and have it go long enough to finish his term as Gov and not have it fall apart on him while in office and pass it on to the next slob who takes his place.