July 1, 2011

Lawmaker wants more action on sex offender residency

Is there any possibility that, Lawmakers and prior laws, caused this situation? Yup, but thats sure proof Lawmakers cannot think ahead!
7-1-2011 New York:

Cairo’s Lawrence says state lapse raises issue of homelessness

CATSKILL — After raising pertinent questions regarding sex offenders seeking county residency, legislators have continued to study the highly charged issue.

Legislator William Lawrence, R-Cairo, first raised the issue during a public safety meeting. Officials are still determining how to address the 10 day delay when convicted offenders first register upon moving into a community.

Legislators had previously raised the possibility that any newly drafted law risked being struck down in court.

“At this point, I have sent every member of the legislature a copy of the law used in Saugerties, which is still in effect and a copy of the law that was used in Albany, which has now been overturned by the courts,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence had previously confirmed it takes the state eight months to give an offender a status.

Greene County Legislature Chairman Wayne Speenburgh, R-Coxsackie, had taken issue with the lapse in registration, previously saying

“We’ll do whatever it takes, I have a problem with the state taking that long for classification.”

In a status report provided by Lawrence, “It takes months for the state to determine level and these ‘case pending’ sexual offenders cannot be identified by the sheriff’s office to the public, only to other police agencies.”

According to Lawrence, if anyone is deemed homeless it is mandated that social services find them temporary living quarters, if such a condition exists for a sexual offender, the department does not deliberately place them next to families or children oriented facilities.

Lawrence’s previous meeting with Greene County Department of Social Services Commissioner Kira Pospesel noted 23 homeless residents, only one was a sex offender.

Deputy Travis Richards confirmed there are eight-four registered sexual offenders in Greene County.

Lawrence said he has begun the process of drafting a law to protect the community.

“I am working on the outline of this now and will send it to our county attorney for review and structure,” he said.

Among the proposals is a new, full-time law enforcement position to properly monitor sex offenders.

“We can probe the possibility of having a deputy being designated as a sexual offender officer on a full-time basis,” Lawrence said in his status report. ..Source.. by Jeff Alexander, Hudson-Catskill Newspapers


Anonymous said...

Election time next year and they have to get there easy brownie points.

Anonymous said...

Why would it take 8 months to classify an offender is right??
Some SHRINK is ripping off the state.Static evaluation: 1 hour.
Dynamic evaluation: 1 week tops.
All the rest of the unreliable (and inadmisable in court) tests that SHRINKS say are mandatory to classify: another 1 week tops!
Another out of conrtol registry and alot of taxpayers dollars WASTED!