June 24, 2011

Sex offender registration update expected to create long lines at police departments throughout Michigan

What a waste of taxpayer money especially when 95% of new sex offenses come from people not on the registry, maybe they should be registered?
6-24-2011 Michigan:

If you're a sex offender in Michigan, you might have to spend some time waiting in line.

Changes passed this April to the Sex Offender Registration Act will require the collection and verification of additional information from each registered sex offender, as well as their fingerprints and palm prints.

And local agencies have 15 days to register offenders — and it's going to be busy at most law enforcement agencies, said Sgt. Chris Kuhn of the Allegan County Sheriff's Office.

The new law requires sex offenders to provide social security numbers, passport information, email addresses, online screen names, as well as vehicle and employer information.

Offenders will register within the jurisdiction that they live.

There are three tiers of sex offenders under the new law, Kuhn said. The first tier have committed the least severe offenses and have to register at the beginning of each year. The second tier has to register bi-annually and the third quarterly.

Registration for the second and third tiers is between July 1 through 15.

Kuhn said offenders registering, verifying, or changing their address at the Allegan County Sheriff's Office should expect the registration process itself to require about 30 minutes per person, not including time waiting to be processed.

Kuhn said sex offenders have received letters notifying them what tier they are in and information they need to bring.

There are around 300 sex offenders that will have to complete the registration in in Allegan County, Kuhn said. They are setting up a separate room to handle the number of people coming in.

Kuhn said the Grand Rapids Police Department will have about 1,000 offenders to register.

The city of Kalamazoo has 687 offenders registered, according to the Michigan State Police Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry website.

After the registration, the offender will be given have a receipt to carry around verifying their information.

While the information will take a while to collect and enter into the state's database, Kuhn said it will be invaluable to law enforcement. Some of the information will be made available on the sex offender registry.

Kuhn said July 1, 5, 6 and 15 are anticipated to have the longest wait times. Kuhn said offenders will most likely come at the beginning or wait until the end. ..Source.. by Fritz Klug | The Kalamazoo Gazette


Anonymous said...

O.K. here's the deal.....You mean to tell me that out of all the law makers in the great state of Michigan not even ONE realizes that 95% of people on the register don't recidivate??? I mean this stastic isn't something conjured up by sex offenders or thier supporters. It wasn't reported yesterday either...AND..... It is stated as FACT by many government and private researchers along with our countries own Dept of Justice. So, what is it Mr. and Ms.
legislators??? Trying to become SORNA compliant?? Open your eyes people!! Monitor and go after the 5% of scumbags on the registry who you KNOW are truly dangerous.Don't let your emotions get the best of you.Thank you for your service in protecting our precious kids. Just remember you have to focus on the public at large and %5 of the sickos on the registry who are a REAL danger. What about the other 95% on the registry you say? Take them off.Try being a registered sex offender and all it takes to get there.THEN you will understand why 95% of us don't recidivate. Not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Fear mongers and politians love the SOR and eat it up like candy.But on a brighter point this will not only back fire on them but it will also bankrupt the state as well.This country has a long long way to go before the ressesion is over.

Anonymous said...

I think the real objective is to catch people up who forget to register, register late, or forget the rules of registration such as when to register new information. Then when they catch them do this, they can lock them up again. The registration is a punishment tool and something to use as an opportunity to punish sex offenders again and again for something they served their time for already.

Daniel Goichman said...

I'm going to tell you how the game is played now in the USA - land of the free, home of the brave. first off all, only five kids have been murdered in eighteen years. So they passed all of these new laws to punish all sex offenders - it doesnt matter if you had sex with a 15 yr old when you were 17 or were pissing outside or busted for making a date with an undercover detective on the internet. anyway. they have laws now to punish anyone who commits a sexual offense. so the punishment already exists. they added five million new laws to basically trip up the 826,000 sex offenders and get them arrested again for anything. they just want to lock us all up and throw away the key. the laws dont make anyone any safer they are just landmines laid out in the ground in the hopes that a sex offender will step on one and set it off and blow off their legs. basically they know that whatever garbage they propose is going to get accepted because nobody gives a shed about sex offenders civil rights. in every case, they talk about a crime committed by a level 3 sex offender, could have been 15 yrs ago, and then they push whatever bill they want into law. they want to punish all sex offenders regardless of how dangerous that person actually is. another piece of information you might want to know. they tell you can apply to get off the registry after 15 yrs in some states. its another lie - they dont let anyone come off of it. and if people apply to governors office to get a pardon - they just deny it. they wont take anyone off registry because they know the registry causes harm and they get off on that. also by subjecting 826,000 hard-working, honest americans to this malarky makes them feel better than us and maybe powerful. its a power trip. they did it to women for a long time, they did it to gays for a long time. they did it to african americans for a long time. now its our turn to get pissed on my americans great politicans. we are the modern day scapegoat for all the world's problems. have no fear my friends the day of judgement is coming and all the people that pushed these laws and denied people the right to get off the registy will be the first ones sent to that very hot place and all of the people signed up on the registry will automatically be guided into heaven cus they suffered their hell on earth. peace out brother and keep up the spirits - we will overcome these obstacles because our faith is stronger and we will get all of our god-given civil rights back. dg.

Anonymous said...

I'm all in favor of long lines. Long lines mean wasted time for government workers. I hope they take friends with them and make the lines go out the door just to make a statement!

Daniel Goichman said...

I don't know if anyone reads this but I want to put it out here in case anyone who deals with the sex offender issues does. The registry destroys meaningful,valuable lives everyday it goes on. The experts in the treatment of sex offenders already told you in plain english that the laws you pass make the environment for a person on the registry unstable - and that instability leads to more crimes not less crimes. And you insist on adding more fuel to the fire every day. i only wish that you would put the wrong person on the registry who is already unstable and he teaches everyone a good lesson. people need stable jobs they need other people to feel good about themselves, they need a stable home environment, food, clothing medicine, and other things and you take this all away from them by passing these public notification laws. you do the opposite of what you should be doing if you want to stop crimes. most sex crimes are committed by new offenders who have no knowledge of what being on the registry is like, so all you are effectively doing is punishing people who have already paid their debt back to society and causing them to have a very unstable life and put stress on them everyday until you get rid of all these stupid, ineffective laws. besides that the registry has caused the deaths of 11 people already and 2 weren't even sex offenders. but people thought they were. so you basically murdered 2 innocent people by instituting these barbaric, and quite unnecessary laws. and most importantly you don't give people who are no longer dangerous a chance to get off the registry instead you look for excuses to keep them on it for no benefit except to be mean people.