June 14, 2011

Maine Senate Votes to Hike Penalties for Child Sex Offenders

6-14-2011 Maine:

The bill includes a maximum sentence of life in prison for certain sex crimes against children.

The Maine Senate has strongly endorsed a measure to hike penalties for sex crimes against children under 12, setting the top penalty at life in prison. The vote was 28 to 6.

Debate over the measure was sometimes graphic, as senators described the differences between sex crimes against children.

Sen. Debra Plowman, a Hampden Republican, said Mainers want the toughest of penalties for those convicted of sex crimes against children sometimes as young as infants.

"These are children who are used for sexual purposes, sexual purposes that they want nothing to do with, that they don't understand and that they bear the brunt of," Plowman said.

Opponents argued that existing laws are already tough with sex offenders, who are often convicted of multiple counts with each one carrying a long prison term.

The measure now goes to the House, according to Capitol News Service. Because of the longer sentences the bill will also have to pass the funding hurdle to become law. ..Source.. by MPBN

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Anonymous said...

And the Rebublicans show there colors again and useing children for there short commings.What i want to know is what is it that this lady has to hide in way of failures doing her job ?.