June 3, 2011

Bill to tighten Ala. sex offender registration heads to Bentley

Homelessness registration weekly, and of course extra fess for that. This knowing where registrants SLEEP for a few hours of the day/night makes no sense whatsoever. Politicians and police call this monitoring, but in reality, they see them for a few minutes when they register in person, so how can this be monitoring? This is but a cruel joke perpetrated by cruel minded politicians who have no proof that this reduces sex offenses or recidivism whatsoever.
6-3-2011 Alabama:

The bill would require weekly registration from homeless offenders.

The Alabama Senate unanimously passed measures to tighten the state's existing sex offender registration law Thursday. The bill is now headed to Governor Robert Bentley's desk for approval.

The new requirements would prohibit a sex offender who abused a sibling from living under the same roof as the person they abused. Homeless offenders would have to register weekly with law enforcement until they secure a permanent address. All offenders would have to supply extra information to be made public, under the proposed law.

But the measure that Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says is long overdue: the $250 offender registration payment.

"Every time an individual moves, we have to notify the area where they're moving, and there's an expense involved each time."

Federal law mandates the sheriff's office track sex offenders, an endeavor that involves software and fees.

"The public wants to know, and they need to know in regard to these individuals in their neighborhoods, but it can be an expensive proposition at some point," Jones said. ..Source.. by Alison Flowers


Anonymous said...

Once again i see the Alabama politians are hard at work making the state the butt of the joke of the US.There is nothing good coming from this and its legal bullying plain and simple.When is the voters going to wake up and make the morons they vote in to office held acountable for there actions.

Zot said...

Charging a fee from people already on the registry can and should be overturned in the courts - it changes what was a wholly informational requirement (according to past court rulings) into a punitive measure. This causes it to be subject to ex post facto provisions.

I wonder if the $250 applies to homeless registrants as well? Good luck squeezing blood from those turnips. (And I'd be inclined to put my address down simply as Alabama - the law says you have to be accurate, but says nothing about being precise!)

Anonymous said...

These laws are not informing or protecting the public but are being used to fund government policy. That why we pay state and federal taxes!! These fees are not for individual counseling or rehab classes which are given for individual offenses at time of conviction. Laws such as these are proof that sex offenders are being seperated by class. Singled out among all other persons criminally convicted. I'm sure individually,
these laws are thought through by the law "think tanks" before they are propossed. However, they just keep piling them on and for sex offenders ONLY!!! How can these laws not be challenged as punitive?? Or is it just that it hasn't happened YET??

Anonymous said...

These requirements are the same as probation. One must obtain a travel permit if leaving the state. Report to law enforcement 4 times a year. Pay a fee each time they report. Must provide information as to home address, employment. One is restricted on where they can go. Things that they can do. Sure sounds like probation to me. This is a life sentence, do not people that recieve a life sentence , if they get parole, have the same requirements. Sure sounds like punishment to me. Civil in nature my Butt!!!