October 6, 2010

Sex Offender in Jail due to GPS System Failure

The idiots have it! Is it any wonder why states are going broke, they keep employing these idiots... This is another case of STUPIDITY!
10-6-2010 Wisconsin:

RHINELANDER - Convicted sex offender Christopher Sayers was back in jail Tuesday night, but not for anything he did wrong.

Rhinelander Police Chief Mike Steffes says Sayers' GPS system failed, and when that happens, he must be taken back to jail.

Officers picked him up late Tuesday afternoon, and it wasn't just Sayers' GPS that failed.

Steffes says the GPS system for sex offenders statewide was down yesterday.

The chief isn't sure whether or not Sayers' is still in jail, but he says he will stay there until the system is up and running.

Steffes says Sayers is the only sex offender on GPS in Rhinelander. ..Source.. by WJFW Newswatch 12


Anonymous said...

How is it legal to bring a SO to jail because the GPS system failed? Unless they are on probation or parole? Even then without a court order how can the police just pick these people up. I think they did that in Germany a number of years ago.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Costing the taxpayers so much money for their witch hunt. This is so wrong on so many levels. What has happened to our country. We have become a police state. The politicians have way too much power. And want way too much control of everyone's life. Please be thoughtful when you vote this November. It could be you or you family next. It is all politicial and greed. Less government is what we need. And this crazy sex offender registry has already ruined over 17,000 peoples lives in Texas. Please vote Perry out!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for these children who have suffered though there ordeal and there families however there are men out there that are victims of malious women who don't care how they ruin a young mans life and the justice system does nothing to help them. My son is one of them and I was there though his whole life the public defender did nothing the DA lied and wanted to give him 103 years I had witnesses and evidence that she was lying and his attorney would not even listen she never even interviewed him or investigated It went all the way to trial day and she the Judge had us in there and talked him into taking a deal for 2 years not counting the time he spent waiting for trial. The Judge admitted that he had not had time to go over his case but he knew he would not do this sort of crime again. He was terrified we kept saying no don't take the deal and we were told to be quiet we were not the ones who would do 103 years in jail this way he would be out for christmas in two years. So as scared as he was he took the deal. His public defender told me she didn't think he was guilty I wanted to hit her but I didn't. He is out now for 1 month his life is a living hell. I bought him a sm trailor to live in but he couldn't live in it because we can not find a place that is more than 2000 ft from schools he can't live in my house because my husband drinks beer. He has to wear this monitor which is fine at least they won't be breaking down the door when something happens how ever that made him a transiet which is worst than having a place to live. If he wanted to drink he could do it not matter where he is and if he lived 40 miles from a school if he was really that kind of person it would matter. I talk his parole officer into letting me put the trailor behind my house as long as he does not enter my house for any reason not even to go to bathroom and he told me if he found one beer can in the yard or in trash he was going back to prison. My son is very quiet and very devestated that this women would do this. I know every thing about her and I investagated her totally she had sex with everyone she could after my son went to prison Men in this area recieved letters that she had veneral desease but he came up negative for everything she was flirting with the cop out side the court room she didn't know who I was at the time. I know if I had been raped I would be a mess and she was not the least bit upset. I know kids need to be protected against these really bad men or women but we need to find a way to protect men from these sick women who get pleasure in ruining some elses life. These new laws are outragious there has to be a different way. I am a Mom but not stupid