October 19, 2010

NATV airs special on sex offenders

There is nothing that this officer can say on TV which could not be said in a brochure which can be handed out. In fact, what can be said that is NEW, which hasn't been said for years. Why waste taxpayer money? Unless the officer is really trying to promote "hey we are doiung something" whether or not it has any effect on reducing crime. Reducing crime is the goal of law enforcement now isn't it.
10-19-2010 Massachusetts:

An updated version of a 2008 program on sex offenders in the community, which featured North Attleboro police officer Pam Brown, seen above, airs on North TV Wednesday.

ORTH ATTLEBORO - North Attleborough Community Television - North TV will air a special program by the North Attleboro Police Department intended to educate citizens of about sex offenders.

North Attleboro Police Officer Pam Brown hosts the program, which is intended to provide parents with valuable information on how to educate children to be cautious, alert, and prepared, but not afraid.

Brown states in the program, "Children feel less afraid when they have the skills, information, and confidence they need to act on their own behalf."

The half-hour program concludes with photographs and information of the four level 3 sex offenders currently living in North Attleboro. ..Source.. by The Sun-Chronicle

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