October 20, 2010

Law enforcement wraps up yearly sex offender sweep

Although there are some interesting statistics below, I wonder why "Domestic Violence" money was used to perform sex offender address verifications? And, notice the number of officers involved, which equates to SALARIES!
10-20-2010 Illinois:

The eighth annual family violence and apprehension detail closed in Lincoln County with just 20 registered sex offenders out of compliance after the Oct. 12 sweep. The event was part of the National Family Violence Apprehension Detail, involving hundreds of law enforcement officers across the nation.

Officers made nearly 200 contacts with registered sex offenders throughout Lincoln County to assure that individuals were in compliance with rules placed on registered sex offenders; only 20 individuals were out of compliance, according to a press release by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

A 15-officer team made 182 contacts with registered sex offenders to verify compliance. There were 88 attempts to arrest individuals wanted on warrants for domestic violence-related crimes, according to Lincoln County Sheriff's Detective Quentin Bendel.

The Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team includes the Lincoln County District Attorney's office, LCSO, Lincoln City, Newport and Toledo Police Departments, the Oregon State Police and county Community Corrections officers.

"The coordination and cooperation between the law enforcement agencies in Lincoln County was the principal reason for the success of this campaign. The officers involved in the sweep worked as a team and made contacts in and out of their respective jurisdictions," said Sheriff Dennis Dotson. "This effort is but one more example of our officers, troopers and deputies' commitment to making Lincoln County a safer place to live."

Bendel said that the number of overall contacts was "probably up 10 to 15 percent" over the 2009 figures, but the number of arrests were down. In some cases, this was because the individual in question was not where law enforcement thought they would be.

There were no problems or incidents during the Oct. 12 sweep. "This [sweep] actually went pretty well," Bendel said.

In 2009, the Lincoln County District Attorney's office handled 381 cases involving domestic violence. In the first nine -and-a-half months of 2010, the office has seen 283 cases. In 2009, there were 75 sexual crimes involving adults, including failure to register as a sex offender and 73 child sex crimes this year, there have been 63 adult sexual crimes and 107 involving children. ..Source.. April Bamburg

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