October 16, 2010

Clinton County launches Offender Watch program

Sometimes one must step back to see the problems a system causes, below the Offender Watch system: Updated at a different frequency than the state registry. Other agencies -state and federal- rely on information from the state registry, Offender Watch system causes discrepancies between local and state, obviously a problem. Also, making the families of anyone incarcerated in the local jail -for any type of crime- is paying for this Offender Watch system.
10-16-2010 New York:

PLATTSBURGH — Clinton County residents can now get immediate, up-to-date information about sex offenders living in their communities.

The Clinton County Sheriff's Department, in conjunction with other area law-enforcement personnel, has launched an online Offender Watch program.

Officials say is faster and more specific than other programs already available, such as the state Sex-Offender Registry.

"It provides more accurate information and more expeditious data entry into the program," Sheriff David Favro said Wednesday during a news conference announcing the program. "We believe this program is going to create a safer community."

Favro said officials will use the same sex-offender data provided to the state program but that the county site will have updated information about any changes within a matter of hours, rather than the several-day wait in the state program.

With GPS monitoring, officials said, the county program can also confirm address accuracy of offenders and detect false information more quickly.

Also, the state system lists offenders by region, where the new county site can give residents specific information about offenders within a quarter mile of any address.

Clinton County Assistant District Attorney Doug Collyer says the site provides pertinent information for homeowners and parents about the estimated 150 actively registered offenders living in the county.

The site provides basic information about each level of offender and more specific data about the 35 Level 3, or high-risk, sex offenders in the county.

Favro said the program has been in the works for nearly a year and is now up and running on the Sheriff's Department website: www.clintoncountygov.com.

Once at the site, residents simply click on the Offender Watch "hot button" in the top corner of the page to access the information.

Residents can also register to get automatic e-mail updates about any changes in specific areas.

Favro said users can register several addresses for current information, such as a home address, school or babysitter's house.

It allows residents to track known offenders by name and provides parents with general safety tips and information.

Officials say the site is one way to help increase community safety and awareness about sex-offenders in the area.

It costs about $6,000 a year to operate the new site, which is entirely funded by revenue collected by inmate phone use, Favro said.

Kevin Killeen, director of the Plattsburgh YMCA, where the news conference was held, applauded the program and said he believes it will help improve child safety.

Contacted by the Press-Republican, Terry Guynup, candidate for county sheriff, echoed those sentiments and said it's a good program "to help the kids and keep them out of danger." ..Source.. ANDREA VanVALKENBURG,
Press-Republican Plattsburgh Press Republican

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Anonymous said...

More ways to waste tax payers money !. Its not enough that there is Megans Law but now they have that and at election time no less.The idiot who came up with this brain buster needs to foot the bill out of there own pocket and stop spending desprate tax payers money.But ive always believed its easy to spend other peoples money.