October 14, 2010

2 firms bidding for sex offender treatment counseling

10-14-2010 Arizona:

KINGMAN — Mohave County is looking at two firms to provide treatment services for adult sex offenders.

The county’s probation department is evaluating two firms, DeLynn Lamb of Cedar City, Utah, and ABC Therapy Counseling Center of Bullhead City to provide sex offender treatment services for adults on probation who have been convicted of sex offenses.

The services include individual, group and family counseling, motivation enhancement and relapse prevention.

Currently, ABC Therapy Counseling Center has had a contract with the probation department for more than five or six years, Assistant Chief Probation Officer Elaine Grissom said.

Treatment programs are from 18 to 24 months with twice monthly sessions for sex offenders. The firm would assess an offender’s needs, provide counseling and assessment of relapse risks. The service areas would include offices in Bullhead, Kingman, Lake Havasu City and the Arizona Strip area.

The Bullhead City office includes Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Golden Shores and Oatman, and which has an average sex offender caseload of about 50 offenders. The Lake Havasu City area has a caseload of about 15 offenders. The Kingman area, which also includes Wikieup and Meadview, has about 75 to 85 offenders. ..Source.. by JIM SECKLER/The Daily News


Anonymous said...

"2 firms 'BIDDING' for sex offender treatment counseling"

Anybody out there still not convinced this whole thing is about MONEY?

Anonymous said...

I have been convinced from the beginning of this nightmare. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Greed, politics, and power.

Anonymous said...

It's important to note that this "rabbit hole" goes deeper than the obvious ensured financial success: it's WHAT they're actually bidding on that needs SERIOUS attention. The provider must conform to probation-set standards that include: utter lack of confidentiality,(the heart of truly effective therapy;)the "polygraph trick-bag," where if a former offender cannot pass a poly (not itself admissible as evidence,) he must be discharged from therapy - a violation (not cooperating with counseling) often resulting in prison time; threatening and often literally abusive therapists with private axes to grind (a la Oprah - and due of course to lack of "clients'" CHOICE of therapists;)and possibly worst of all - being honest and reporting additional victims HAS resulted in further prosecutions.) So, if he lies, he fails the poly and goes down, if he tells the truth, "I had another victim that did not tell on me.." he goes down for a second offense! It just goes deeper and deeper, but no one with any political savvy is stupid enough to stand up for these people's civil rights - even courts often deny sex offenders when they're in the right. "They don't deserve any rights" has become the mantra, when the truth is that they've only lost their right to vote or own a firearm, until restored - all other rights are intact, but ignored. If we don't stand up, the politicians NEVER will.