September 17, 2010

SMASHED FROG has moved - UPDATE bookmarks

9-17-2010 Florida:

From Smashed Frog's NEW HOME comes the story as to why the old Frog Site disappeared, it goes like this:
A year ago, [Frog] decided to buy a domain name from Google for ten dollars.

All went well until a couple of months back. Google emailed me a notice to renew as I had not selected automatic renewal via a credit card with my initial purchase.

Sounds easy enough. Wrong.

I've struggled with Google since August in attempt to renew my domain name. Once logged into my account, I was unable to simply choose automatic renewal as apparently, past a certain date, such an action is no longer an option. Communication proved next to impossible and when contact was made to the person beyond the Q & A forum, I was simply passed off to someone else.

As a result, went quietly into that good night (although still readable by cache), the address now owned by eNom and available for me to repurchase for reportedly close to $100.
So the NEW Smashed Frog site is HERE. Folks need to UPDATE Bookmarks. OH YES, please advise all your friend of the change as well.

For now have a great day & a better tomorrow,

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