September 28, 2010

Sex offender admits email violation

In this case we see a complete miscarriage of justice, the sentence. Whether the sentence is for "failure to register the e-mail" or "for the probation violation," the length is excessive. Hopefully the lawyer will appeal the sentence, even if the sentence is the remaining sentence from the original charge. Then the issue would be what triggered the probation violation, which is nothing more than a technical violation not warranting return to prison.

Note to Commenter: When we comment it is based on what can be seen in the article, if the journalist fails to include facts, obviously we cannot construe them
9-28-2010 New York:

A convicted sex offender who created an email account without advising law enforcement officials, as required by law, was sentenced to state prison today for up to three years.

Dutchess County Court Judge Gerald V. Hayes imposed a one-to-three-year sentence on David Lawson, 56, of Mill Street, City of Poughkeepsie

Lawson acknowledged he created the email account between May 1 and 13 without notifying the proper authorities. He also admitted he had violated the terms of a probationary sentence Hayes had imposed in 2005 after Lawson admitted he had child pornography in his possession. ..Source.. by Poughkeepsie Journal

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Anonymous said...

In regards to this sentence, there is much more to the case than was presented in the media, which warranted the longer sentence. If you knew the whole story you would think differently