September 9, 2010

Mistaken Identity Labels Innocent Man a Sex Offender

This implies that, all registrants have to do to bring down the registry is, use names of other people in the public or politicians as aliases causing them to be arrested. That alone shows why the system is ridiculous.
9-9-2010 Washington:

Dan Wheeler is trying to clear his name after a sex offender stole his wallet and used his identity.

Dan Wheeler has been wrongly labeled a sex offender and it all happened after his wallet was stolen. Cops say the thief, who actually is a registered sex offender, used Wheeler's name as an alias, and now the other guy's crimes are mistakenly linked to Wheeler.

Wheeler says he never knew the identity switch took place until a cop pulled him over near his home outside Seattle. Wheeler said, "Next thing I know he's listening to the radio and puts his hand on his gun and says "Put your hands on the car. You are under arrest.' I say for what? He says 'We have a warrant for your arrest.' "

Wheeler proved it was a case of mistaken identity, but it didn't stop there. The judge says 'Cleared.' Great, but it's still on my record," said Wheeler. So why can't Wheeler get the sex offender label and the other guy's name removed from his record?

Washington state police tell INSIDE EDITION whenever a criminal uses an alias that name stays in the system permanently just in case the crook uses that alias again. Bob Calkins of the Washington State Patrol said, "If we didn't connect those in the record, that person could continue to use his name and continue to build a duplicate record that would be very difficult to differentiate from the real."

Amazingly, Wheeler has kept his sense of humor about a very unfunny situation that may never go away. "All I can do is laugh and shake my head and think, you know, I'm screwed for life," said Wheeler. ..Source..

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Just another SO said...

If this happens to a few more people, and they see how the registry can destroy their lives; maybe they'll come around to our side and help us do away with the blasted thing.