September 14, 2010

Greensburg Student Takes Life After Being Bullied By Other Students

9-14-2010 Indiana:

Fox59 News reports on a 15-year-old Greensburg High School student who hung himself after being repeatedly bullied by classmates at school who perceived him as being gay.

"People would call him 'fag' and stuff like that, just make fun of him because he's different basically," said student Dillen Swango. "Students told Fox59 News it was common knowledge that children bullied Billy [Lucas] and from what they said, it was getting worse. Last Thursday, Billy's mother found him dead inside their barn.

He had hung himself." "Students said on that same day, some students told Billy to kill himself." Not surprisingly, Principal Phil Chapple pleaded ignorance of any bullying taking place in his school. ..Source.. by Fox News

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