August 24, 2010

A Grandfather tells the story of what has occurred to his grandson, under today's sex offender laws....

Here we see the effect of today's sex offender laws in this Grandfather's account of what has happened to his grandson.
8-24-2010 Oklahoma:
In April of 2007 he (Grandson) ran afoul of the Adam Walsh act. An act written by a confessed sex addict and a US senator who courts little boys. How can they make laws for our children when no one would want them around their children?
I believe he is speaking about Mark Foley and if so he was a Representative, not a Senator.

My grandson Cody was at an all-night birthday party for one of his sisters friends when he was 18 years old. According to people at the party, an older woman bought liquor for the attendee’s, including my grandson, and he became intoxicated so a few folks put him in one of the bedrooms to sleep it off. A young lady, age 14, who was being frisky followed him into the room and Cody and the girl admit things went a little too far and they had consensual relations. We do not condone the behaviors of our grandson, nor the others, however we do understand Cody and this young lady shared in consensual relations and there was no force or violence. Basically, two dumb kids being irresponsible but does this make one a monster?

A few days later, a female Sheriff's Investigator came to our home and just walked in, without knocking. My wife, Cody’s Grandmother, had to ask her twice who she was before she told her. The Investigator said she just wanted to ask my grandson some questions.
Note: If someone comes to your home, even if they claim to be a policeman/woman and just walks into the home uninvited, the homeowner has a right to have them arrested and charged with trespassing. Any law enforcement officer loses their cloak of immunity once they break laws, and it appears this one did by crossing the doorstep without authority. The homeowner should have called 911 and asked for a supervisor to get this person out of the home.

My wife asked this woman, 3 times if Cody needed an attorney, and the Investigator responded “No, I just want to ask him some questions.” She took Cody into the kitchen, where no one else was allowed while questioning our grandson and had him sign a confession she wrote out, that he had sex with this young lady from the party. After signing the confession, she placed Cody under arrest without reading him his Miranda Rights and led him out of our kitchen. My wife was aghast and told her that she told her Cody did not need an attorney. This woman Investigator just grinned and said, “he doesn’t, he just confessed,” and then proceeded to take our grandson to the local jail where he was booked in.

The next day the girl involved sent an email to the girl who had the birthday party. it stated that my grandson had not seduced her and she was sorry for causing trouble. Her email name was “punkass rocker”.

I took a copy of this email to the district attorney in hopes he wouldn't file charges since the girl, nor her mother, wanted to press charges against Cody. I was informed by the District Attorney that it was up to the state to file charges, and he did.

We hired a local attorney to represent Cody, and three or four months into this, we found out that this lawyer had been disbarred. WE immediately hired another attorney with a local law firm in ___ area. Cody’s case was assigned to one of this lawyer’s interns who just threw us to the wolves. My grandson took a plea to keep me from being out any more money.

This is when Hell on earth began for Cody, and us, as he took a plea to a felony conviction of Second Degree Rape, under ___ statutes (all consensual cases read second degree rape), classed by offense, not an assessment, as a tier 3 Violent, Aggravated Sex Offender for life. The plea bargain required five years felony sex offender probation supervised, and ordered Cody to undergo treatment. Cody’s sex offender treatment included group therapy with people who beat women up and raped them and one guy who forcibly raped a 6 year old boy. He had a good job but had to miss every Wednesday to go for treatment. This some times involved driving 2 or 3 hundred miles to make these meetings.

Just in the last few months, the District Attorney decided he needed to move out of the home where he spent his entire life because I had guns in the house. his Probation Officer knew this because he had seen them and they are locked up. But with a change in the Probation Officer came a whole new set of rules and Cody went to his dads house 5 miles west of ___. As a Registered Sex Offender he had to report his new residence so he gave the sheriff the address on the mailbox in his Dad’s front yard. He didn't know that a guy who rented a trailer house space from his dad had put up the mail box. Cody had his mail forwarded when he moved. However, mail from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections was returned and Failure to Register charges were filed on Cody.

Now the local District Attorney is asking for Cody to serve ten years in a Oklahoma Prison! Under our laws my grandson will serve 85% of his sentence if found guilty.

If this can happen in a country I loved and fought for, why am I still living here?

My grandson is just a kid and yet is facing many years in prison while others like the Assistant D.A. involved in prosecuting this new case, was fired out of the ___ County DA office, and the sheriff's investigator who arrested him was picked up by the OHP for DUI/drugs, and resigned from the sheriff's department.

I was under the impression that the Gestapo went out of business in 1945,but it is alive and well in ___ county OK .

This Country’s sex offender laws have been patterned after a set of laws which failed, known as the Jim Crow laws. Simply take the word “negro” out and insert “sex offender” and its all the same except for the part about Equal Protection.

Why are we giving up our children to a bunch of ___ people who don't care a snap about right or wrong, just a conviction record?

When you write letters to the Governor, Senators, Congressmen, Judges, District Attorney’s, and the Attorney General who never responds and ignores their Constituents, who do you turn to just to get your side of the story told? No one has listened yet, is everybody afraid? I’m to old to be afraid of anything. My wife of 45 years has suffered a stroke from stress behind this and no body gives a damn.

Please someone help us tell our story so we can educate other families with youngsters like my grandson Cody. Please help me save his life!

A Grandfather...

(Posted with Permission)


Anonymous said...

One day it will hit the fan and the people will be toored of this and respond with inpeechment and that will be the start of anarchy.

Anonymous said...

The Adam Walsh Child Protect and Safety Act of 2006 = The Death of a Nation.