August 28, 2010

Are sex offenders the bait, to get public attention?

8-28-2010 California:

I am sure folks have heard of what Gov. Schwarzenegger is doing to notify the public when paroled sex offenders do not comply with GPS monitoring. Two of many news reports follows, but there is something most folks do not realize, see my commentary following news reports.
California to notify public if sex offenders flee

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is ordering corrections officials to alert the public when a sex offender parolee slips away from supervision.

The order Wednesday follows recent incidents in Bakersfield and San Diego County. Parolees there are charged with attacking teenage girls after the felons discarded GPS-linked ankle bracelets that track their movements. Corrections spokesman Gordon Hinkle says the department already notifies law enforcement agencies when parolees disappear.

Hinkle says the department is likely to follow Schwarzenegger's order by posting information about the missing parolees on a public website. He says between 20 and 60 parolees flee in a typical month. He could not immediately say how many of the missing parolees were convicted of sex offenses. ..Source.. by Mercury

New California Website Warns Public When Sex Offenders Bolt

A site to warn the public when sex-offender parolees remove GPS ankle monitors has been created by the California Department of Corrections, according to a statement by the department.

Member of the public can sign up to get email alerts about the parolee violations. Information such as photos, physical descriptions and last known whereabouts are all included in the alerts. The site was created after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger directed the department to notify law enforcement and the media if an offender escapes confinement. Alerts will be updated within hours of the issuance of a warrant.

Law enforcement agencies are already notified by the Department of Justice's Criminal Intelligence and Investigation system alerts. Offender information is located in the Parole Law Enforcement Automated Database System. Those wishing to sign up for the alerts can go to the department's website. ..Source.. by Steve La

All the news is about sex offenders and they are the reason this was all started, right? Lets see, first at the California DOC website it shows the list of parolees who are not complying, see DOC Website, then come back for the real story.

The website is all about sex offenders?
California DOC touts sex offenders, sex offenders, but the truth is that website contains far more than sex offenders. Want proof? There is a "Search Box" in the upper right of that page, put in any of the following: Robbery, Spouse, Ammo, Violence and I am sure there are others, and see what is returned.

Ahh, you found out the truth, its not all about sex offenders, it really is all about parolees who do not comply with GPS Monitoring. So why are they blaming sex offenders? That I have no answer to, and will leave that up to your imagination. Hint, sex sells, and will get the public attention.

Now, for those who will claim, that, those you find that do not indicate they are a sex offender, maybe are really sex offenders? Ok, its possible, but then why would the DOC give out such info to the public and not tell the public about the person being a sex offender? No folks those are other parolees who are not complying with GPS requirements.

Did they appropriate funds for this project?
Lets see, did they appropriate money to setup this website? Again, I do not know, but I do know something about the website, click on this link.

OK, did you notice it is the same information as the DOC link, without the DOC Titles? Yup, they setup the website using a simple FREE Google blog. Want proof? Click on RSS and it will take you back to the DOC website. Folks, I just happenstanced on this and did a bit of research.

Is the information correct?
Lets do a little test, in the search box type in "Taylor" without the quotes, and click search. On the left side it will show two parolees, now carefully do this, open each one, and their detail information will be as follows:

So, the public is going to look for a guy who is 5'10" 190 lbs -OR- a guy who is 6'2" and 230 lbs? And both descriptions show the same name, Richard Leslie Taylor. OH, you also noticed the pictures were of different people? OH yes, also one is a sex offender and the other convicted of robbery. And the title of the post is DIFFERENT??

I seriously doubt Jaycee Dugard, the girl kidnapped by Phillip Garrido -a California parolee- and kept her some 18 years in his backyard, would support these efforts of the California DOC. Should the general public?

For now have a great day and a better tomorrow.

PS: Wouldn't it be simple to have someone verify what was posted, to see if it is correct? Since it involves public safety. No one thought of it, well they also never checked Phillip Garrido's electric cords going from his house to the hidden shacks in his backyard, where he kept Jaycee Dugard for 18 years, either. In God we trust, but the California DOC, we better double check.

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Once again i see where some of the 2.9 Billion Dollars that was with held from childrens education is going to.