October 3, 2008

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The process now being implemented against persons deemed Sex Offenders coincides perfectly with policies enacted during the early years of the Holocaust in Germany.

. Of course, it is also to be understood that the source of Holocaust was from notions promoted in the Eugenics movement, earlier in the United States .

The four step process is as follows:

Demonization of individuals as life forms possessing intolerable and ingrained evil.

Creating an overall mindset that those who are evil are not human beings, therefore exempt from the normal protections of a democratic government.

Enacting strict and comprehensive laws and policies to identify and register these “sub humans”.

Using the registries sub humans can then be collected and exterminated. Popular public concern is effectively mitigated by using classifications of eliminating sub humans from the gene pool. This view is strongly supported by the absolute, ingrained and evil nature these sub humans have.

A least six million Jewish human beings were exterminated through this process. In the same period in parts of Eastern Europe , untold millions were simply exterminated because of ethnic or racial qualities. Even today, in the central regions of Africa genocide still rages.

As the outrageous nature of these laws increase the likelihood of overall government control of naturally occurring sexualities will increase. Technologies today and certainly those in the future will allow selective processes where those choosing to mate and have children will be scanned genetically for “evil” natures. Children born will also be scanned genetically for evil sexualities and exterminated on the spot. The Eugenics movements are alive and well in American society. Even today it is possible to be artificially inseminated with semen from an approved, genetically pure donor.

So, let’s prepare ourselves for the anticipated genocide. Maybe in the new age the killings will be much more “humane” than using violent methods of gassing, electrocution, shooting, burying alive, poison, hanging, draw and quartering, clubbing & beating to death, burning at the stake, iron women, dragging behind animals, gladiator games, beheading, blocking urinary tracks, exposure to cold, insects, poisonous snakes, walking the plank, abandonment on an island, disembowelment, and other methods.

John R. Groves


Could it be that all sexuality is a genetic reality of which the individual has no choice? I mean, after all, if the so-called excesses were chosen or learned, at least three questions must be asked?

1. If chosen, why would anyone choose a course of lifestyle that is so absolute in self destruction?

2. If learned, who are the teachers and what kind of methods do they use that is comprehensive enough to cause a person to adopt a lifestyle so harmful. Wouldn’t this powerful pedagogical method be better used to make individuals more “socially acceptable”?

3. If governments today are truly the result of a maturing society and regularly recognize the genocides of governments of the holocaust era, should not today's' governments be held to a higher standard in treating persons recognized as having no choice because of genetic factors rather than repeat the history it condemns?

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