September 4, 2007

Laws and Contacts to Assist Registrants (former sex offenders) in Filing Complaints of Harassement, Stalking, Cyber-Stalking or Property Damages



Madame X said...

I filed a IC39 Complaint and was given an automatically generated case number. There was zero follow up. I also called and personally went down to the local FBI field office and was told they may or may not investigate. There was never any follow up or feedback from either the FBI or the IC39.
Sending a certified letter return receipt requested however may help in the event that any threats you recieve are carried out. Then you may sue law enforcement for "failure to protect."

Anonymous said...

The problem I see here is that laws are not uniformly enforced.

We like to believe in rule of law but you need a law enforcement official and an assistant district attorney willing to pursue a case. In short, an under-class of citizens often don't get fairly represented. The ADA has a stack of cases and he's wondering - which case will get me a pay raise or promotion?

For example, perjury is felony in most states. But I challenge you to find where perjury has ever been prosecuted in family court. Complain if you want - you will only be waisting your time.

Anonymous said...

One more thing to consider is that MANY acts against former offenders and their family members are UNREPORTED for one reason or another. In Arizona, many cops won't even TAKE such a report and there's not much you can do because they have no laws in place to prosecute specifically for mis-using the registry in such a manner.

Anonymous said...

To the person from Arizona. YES there are laws for violating the registry, in AZ they use the General Laws which if you CLICK on Arizona above you can find them.

Now, as to police refusing to take a complaint, goto their supervisor, you are a citizen they serve you and everyone else. If all else fails there is always an Internal Affairs complaint that can be filed. POLICE HATE that because it follows them their ENTIRE career, in there employment file.

When they hear you are willing to do that, they always take complaint, bad Internal Affairs complaints translates to no raises.