March 4, 2009

IL- Convicted sex offender arrested for operating Myspace

This case raises the question, what steps does Illinois take to notify registrants of changes in their laws? If he was not notified, he violated nothing.

2-10-2009 Illinois:

(KMOV)-- Police busted a convicted sex offender for operating a Myspace web page.

Gregory Kruckeberg, 27, was arrested thanks to a news law in Illinois.

Captain Brad Wells of the Madison County sheriff's office said it doesn't appear Kruckeberg used the site for anything illegal.

"It's not illegal to have them but they have to let law enforcement know of those emails addresses or internet sites they maintain which would include Myspace or Facebook or any social networking sites," he said.

Kruckeberg's mother, told News 4 her son, who lives with her outside of Bethalto, was convicted 4 years ago over an incident with an underage girlfriend.

Unaware of the new law, she said her son's Myspace page was used to post a picture of the daughter from that relationship.

"He didn't do anything illegal on Myspace. He doesn't get in there to talk to or find bad stuff. To me putting a picture of his daughter he was proud, I was proud you know."

But that pride is being quickly erased by the reality that this tough new Illinois law could put her son in prison for three years. ..News Source.. by News 4 coverage

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