December 13, 2009

The Money Tree is Picked Again, this time, 1.1 Trillion Green

12-13-2009 National:

A few days ago I reminded folks that states would not lose funds if they did not pass the Adam Walsh Act because state were funded additional amounts through the America Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Thats still true and those monies have been made available to the states.

Normally I do not review "Appropriations" bills because they are to involved. Well I got curious because lately it seems our new administration seems to have a never ending money tree. Guess what, that old money tree is being shaken again its leaves are falling, and we are going GREEN.

Today the Senate passed the 2010 Fiscal Year Appropriations bill to the amount of -get this- 1.1 TRILLION dollars, yes I said trillion.

Within that 1.1 trillion are monies that will feed the Byrne Grants ($519 million for Byrne Justice Assistance Grants) and guess who else is being fed: the Adam Walsh Act ($353.5 million dollars). They also want to put another 1,400 police on the streets, another $298 million for COPS Hiring Grants. Are we becoming a police state?

Now remember the Second Chance Act, thats the one to help folks get re-established in the community after leaving prison. A GREAT program, but also remember it has a LOPE HOLE, not a dime for any sex offender program. These folks are left to flounder after leaving prison. No need to explain all the laws which deny sex offenders jobs, housing, and all sorts of other services and the newest, denial to the Internet.

I do see something that is excellent, $45 million for drug courts, hey guys did you forget about sex offender courts? New York has them (see HERE and HERE) and they have been a great success, but they are needed throughout the nation. Wake up lawmakers, smell the roses, sex offender courts and THERAPY will reduce sex offender recidivism! Maybe we should say it this way, fewer victims?

I also see they appropriated a mere pittance for the Legal Services Corporation ($420 million) thats for folks who cannot afford a lawyer in civil matters. And, of course, even though sex offender legislation is called civil, there isn't a dime allowed to be spent for those civil matters. i.e., like appealing a Adam Walsh Classification -OR- fighting to show how unconstitutional the entire Act is.

OK, 2010 is the year for a new census, and they have appropriated $7.3 BILLION to complete the new census. They plan to hire approximately one million workers nationwide, let me guess, bet they will exclude anyone with a prior sex offense.

Finally, no where have I ever seen the words trillion, billion and million used as much as in this appropriations bill. I wonder where those money trees are growing? Humm, I find it disturbing that all these monies are being spent in the name of protecting children, yet stealing from the pocketbooks of children of future generations, isn't a problem? Must be a perception thingy...


PS: If you are so inclined the full bill in Congress is HR 2847.

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