February 18, 2009

Murdered in the United States - 2008: Registered Sex Offenders & Others.

2-18-2009 National:

The 2008 year was the worst year ever for deaths of RSOs, Persons accused of sex offenses and other related deaths. This year brought so many new circumstances that we have had to restructure our statistical methods to be able to report what has happened.

In 2008, of those murdered or killed, not in jails, prisons or civil commitment centers, the most dangerous state is Florida where 5 persons were murdered.

PA and TX reported 3, CA, MD, MA, NC, and TN each reported 2. AZ, CO, DE, GA, IL, IN, IO, KS, KY, ME, MO, NM, NY, UT, WA each reported 1.

Sometimes a chart is better than words:
Groups2008Prior Years-Total-Each group represents persons murdered or killed as noted.
RSOs154055Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs) who were murdered
A-RSOs61117RSOs accused of a sex offense
FA-RSOs033RSOs falsely accused of a sex offense
IB-RSOs123Innocent Bystander (RSO)
DO-RSOs81018RSOs who where killed in domestic situations.
A42327Persons murdered who were accused of a sex offense
A-FA11415Persons falsely accused of a sex offense and were murdered
A-DO101Persons accused of a sex offense who killed in a domestic situation
Civil Commit156Persons killed, murdered, or were denied medical care and died in civil commitment
Jails & Prisons83139Persons murdered or killed in jails or prisons
TOTALS:45139184Total persons killed or murdered

Now, in addition to the above deaths, there is another group of folks who died which we call "Other Deaths." While the circumstances under which these folks died vary somehow they died in an incident involving a registered sex offender or a person accused of a sex offense. The most common circumstance is when a RSO or person accused of a sex offense, commits suicide and just before or at his/her suicide they kill other folks (Murder-Suicides), these are those folks. Finally, there are a few other odd circumstances other than Murder-Suicides and all can be viewed on the "Consolidated Deaths Listing" under the section "Other Deaths."

Again, a chart is better than words:
Group2008Prior Years-Total-.
Other Deaths152944Innocent folks who were murdered

Remember, all of the details and verifiable news report of each incident, is available in the blogs accessible from the "Consolidated Deaths Listing" (2014: Site is now gone. Yahoo closed Geocities)."


PS: 2009 deaths are not included in the above, and so far, there are 6 more RSOs killed or murdered.

PPS: These statistics are by no means complete, what is reported here is only those where an incident was reported by a newspaper and someone sent us the link. We are quite sure there are others which were not reported by the media.

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